Thursday, December 01, 2005

What is a rejectionist?

As the holiday season approaches, I want to wish all of you a happy and healthy Festivus, Hannukah, Christmas, or Kwanza.... As I've just realized, because of the heavy news coverage about it.... The Friday after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, because it is supposed to put retailers in the black.

Now if black is such a good thing there; why is it that black has such a bad rap. Black Monday was the day that the Stock Market crashed, and when things are going badly people frequently refer to these being dark times.... I envision black when people mention dark times.... I guess I could think of mahogany or some other dark color but for some reason black is the easiest color to think of.

Now that I've said my piece regarding the season..... The President yesterday for the umpteenth time, decided to give a press conference regarding our status in Iraq. We are pouring billions of dollars into Iraq to fight "Rejectionists, Saddamists, and Islamists". Someone needs to get this guy better speechwriters. What is a rejectionist? And as you read this, I will tell you that umpteenth is a word. As far as the Webster's dictionary website is concerned; it is defined as last in an indefinitely numerous series.

For many of us who do not support the President, it is even more distressing that he does not present an image of intelligence, wisdom and forethought that should be what the world is presented with when viewing the leader of our nation. I did not support his father either, but he did not exude the image of incompetence that this George W. seems to represent for many people. He also doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes. When asked during the last campaign to name any mistakes he made in his first term, he could not name even one. The arrogance this showed was upsetting to me. I believe that the people who are truly bright know that they can learn from most people they meet, and not only recognize their own errors, but are willing to fix them.

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