Saturday, February 18, 2006

President Bush characterizes his emotion about Iraq fun

"Later in the day, in Orlando, at Disney's Contemporary Resort, he did speak about Iraq, at a fund-raiser for the Florida Republican party, raising $3 million. "Isn't it fun watching a government be formed by some of the same people who have just been living under the thumb" of Saddam Hussein? Mr. Bush asked the political contributors. "

"Updated: 6:16 a.m. ET Feb. 17, 2006
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Gunmen wearing Iraqi special forces uniforms have kidnapped a wealthy banker and his son after killing five of their bodyguards, police said Friday. Police found the bodies of three men who had been shot execution-style in northern Baghdad."

Iraq ministry shelters Shiite death squad


Those are a couple of the articles I found doing a brief scan of the weeks news about Iraq. There does not appear to be anything fun about the life and death struggle the citizens of Iraq are going through to attempt to rebuild their country.

I also would presume that the U.S. soldiers are performing an amazing job; doing important, heroic work. Please do not belittle the struggle and the import of the forces at work in Iraq by calling it fun. President Bush should respect the American soldiers, and the Iraqi civilians who are trying to rebuild that country, by appreciating how difficult thast task is. I hope and pray that President Bush meant to say gratifying and not fun.


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