Saturday, March 18, 2006

The more things change....

Everyone down here in Miami is doing well... Cassie is walking up a storm, Elizabeth and I are just trying to keep up. We will be traveling up to New Orleans, that is so hard for me to say... Up to New Orleans... Down seems so much more normal, and to Atlanta over the summer for various family functions, weddings, reunions and the like. The stampede of my generation (in there early 30s) to the altar continues as I imagine it has in ages past. Other personal bits... nothing terribly amazing to report, just living life one day at a time, and learning to appreciate the blessings I have recieved , in a loving and wonderful family. We are happy and healthy, that is quite a bit more than most in the world.

In regard to some political commentary, I find much of what is going on in the world today to be astonishing. Take for example the state of Missouri, please.... OK enough with the bad one liner... Here is an article about the decision that Missouri's legislature has decided to restrict all public funding for any sort of contraception.
Now, as I sit here early on a Saturday morning it may seem obvious to me, but this seems remarkably counterproductive. I believe the goal is to lessen "illegitimate" pregnancies
. If you lessen these pregnancies you lessen the cost to the taxpayer, because, I imagine, the argument follows that "illegitimate" pregnancies will more likely require more funding from the state either through DCFS, or through the need to terminate the pregnancy.
As I read the article it was clear to me that the goal for the right wing was abstinence. For whatever reason this had escaped me or at the least slipped my mind.

This is a wonderful goal, as is world peace. However, I think it is about as realistic. Not to mention as we pursue world peace, we should not disarm, and quit pursuing alliances for mutual defense. Rather than banning all contraception distribution through public health services, why not fully fund afterschool and jobs programs for the cohorts that are most likely to be promiscuous. Give them something to do as an alternative to the activity you want to make extinct.

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