Sunday, March 26, 2006

There are serious topics like What exactly is Clamato?

As some of you have seen since November, I quite often use this space to discuss current affairs that are generally effecting the nation.... Today is no different. As usual first and foremost let me quickly wish my parents, and my stepsister Beth and brother in law Rusty best wishes on their respective wedding anniversaries... Also Happy Birthday to Granpa Jake... Now on to the matter at hand.

I was going to discuss what the Democrats need to do to retake Congress, and mention the current frontpage of Time magazine about the threats of global warming, but something of great import to both Elizabeth and me caught my fancy at the last minute.... CLAMATO. Elizabeth explained to me what Clamato was, and it frightened to the point of looking it up.

I worked for a brief period with Carnival Cruise Lines and on more than one occasion (2 I think), customers asked me if we stocked Clamato on the ships. I've never had Clamato, and thought it was probably some club soda version of Tomato Juice, because while that was a bad mix in my opinion the other obvious thing Clamato could be was even worse. I was wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong, now not as wrong, as if I had said there is no Civil War in Iraq, or there is no such thing as global warming. I would say that both of the above assertions are unfortunately wrong.

I wish I were wrong about Iraq, ( where they are averaging 33 murders a day), or global warming, where the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, but unfortunately I am wrong about Clamato.... and of course who won the Presidency in 2000.


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