Sunday, April 16, 2006

Eviscerate the Electric Slide

We were lucky enough to go on vacation this past week. It was an amazing trip on the Carnival Imagination. The cruising experience suits me quite well. We went to lunch, enjoyed ourselves, went to dinner, enjoyed some music and drinking, got free room service, and started all over again... If you haven't tried this regimen it is quite relaxing... We went to a spot in Jamaica where we were able to touch and take pictures with a dolphin. Finally, I found a mammal as large as I am. We ate lunch on the beach, (I ate real Jamaican Jerk chicken). And then we went to Dunn's River Falls. Elizabeth talked me out of climbing the falls, because she figured she wanted me around for a while longer. Cassie stayed with my in laws and by all accounts loved her time with Grandma and Grandpa also.

This vacation was wonderful, and much needed. That being said there were various question raised by many things I saw on the ship and on the excursions, I will start with the most impressive to me. With all of this talk of immigration, and the fair treatment of others, I feel the need to impart an experience I had in one of the lounges on the ship. First and foremost, we were constantly bombarded by a song promoting the electric slide. This song is painful and should be erased from the memory of all who've seen or heard it. But while this and many other funny line dances were exhibited in a lounge on the ship, I noted many of the passengers were absolutely enjoying themselves.
There is no news in the fact that people on a Carnival cruise were enjoying themselves. There is also no news to report to you when I state that many of these people were not White Americans. People of all different types were dancing together and spending time together. There were African Americans, European Americans, Europeans and people that appeared to be from Asia, all happily spending a vacation together.
Add to this that on the last night I saw the children enrolled in the kids program learning to dance together, and the diversity in that group was similar to the adult group. The news in this post is there is no news. No matter their backgrounds, or ages, all of these people appear to have enjoyed themselves, as they tried the horrible line dances.
While we get ready for the midterm elections, please remember that this country was built on diversity, and on immigrants. This country benefited from every wave of immigration we ever got. I have hope that no matter how divisive politics gets in this country the racism and bigotry of my generation and generations past will fade and we as a nation and a world will continue to learn to appreciate each other as individuals, even if it is at a slower pace than I would like.


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