Monday, April 24, 2006

Simpler Times and Squeezable Cheeks

With all the worries in the world it was nice to go with Elizabeth and Cassie shopping on Saturday. As we got on the elevator we shared with strangers, they mentioned that her cheeks were cute enough to pinch. Cassie's not Elizabeth's. I remember hating it when older people (Great Aunts and Mediocre Uncles) felt the need to pinch my cheeks as a youngster. I would look at these people and think they were so old that they might not make it another 15 minutes. Then, these same people would see my vulnerable, innocent unassuming cheeks and go in for the kill. Every ounce of remaining strength in their spirits would be used for this grip.... As they did this something like; aren't they so cute; would be said. By the time this procedure is finished the child feels as though his cheeks are going to be permanently wider than the rest of his face. Of course, these same people would politely ask how I was doing, and how things were going. How is life for a 6 year old, usually pretty good. I was no different. I loved my Great Aunt Henrietta but she would always ask how many girlfriends I had at the time. Of course, I responded that girls were icky; (I've flip flopped on that belief over the years), but even she felt the need for the Squeeze.
Is it some right of passage? Did someone go around doing this in the "old country", years ago and so the torture needs to be passed down to make certain that the new generation will survive future Darwinian challenges? I don't know but at the age of 34 my cheeks still resonate with pain from this specific ritual. I will be the 1st to tell you that Cassie is as beautiful as any child on this earth, and then some. However, please hold off on the torture tests.


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