Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Talk about below the radar-Rigging an election in 2002

I just read a 4 day old article from the Washington Post. It appears that some antics that are basically college level have made the big time. Anyone heard of Ken Mehlman? He was the head of the RNC's New England region during the 2002 mid term elections. They hired a telemarketer to clog the phone lines, on election day, of the local democratic party so as to hinder Get Out The Vote activities. While this was going on they placed 22 calls to the White House political office. Does anyone see a problem with this? Could someone please tell me how this is Clinton's fault?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where've you been? You need to read Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo. He's been following that story for quite some time. The head of the RNC's operations in New England, a guy named Tobin, was convicted for that little game, and I believe there are some more trials coming up.

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