Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Foreign Policy through song

NewDonkey.com This website has the full lyrics to the parody "Bomb Iran" by Vince Vance and the Valiants, written in 1980, as a result of the hostage crisis. I'm as aggravated by the current situation as anyone, but is getting into yet another war going to solve this problem. Has going into Afghanistan solved our problems with Al Quaeda? I’m gratified to see that Iran has agreed to work with the IAEA to oversee their nuclear program. For those of you wondering, realize that the current leader of Iran is most likely certifiably insane, as well as a leader of the Iran hostage crisis of 1979-80. He has called for the destruction of Israel. Israel is one of our strongest allies in the world, and definitely, our strongest ally in that region. Now numerous hateful Arab leaders have called for the same for the better part of 3 generations, but now we approach the same problem with nuclear possibilities. The same bluster needs to be taken just that much more seriously.
The benefits of diplomacy were disregarded by this administration, in regard to controlling Saddam Hussein. The same sort of sanctions might work against Iran. As I read more about the sanctions placed upon Iraq there does not seem to be clarity of purpose. While that might be true it appears that the sanctions were in some fashion quite effective.
The Iraqis, according to a recent issue of Foreign Affairs, had focused their military on fending off internal hostilities, and were no longer focused on menacing their neighbors. The coalition forces currently in the country have, not yet found the WMD’s that those same sanctions were meant to limit. Even President Bush made a joke about that at a White House correspondent's dinner. Working from the idea that Iraq was contained before we initiated military action, then let us learn from the mistake of the invasion and examine the situation closely in Iran before committing this nation and its brave military to yet another conflict that we do not necessarily know how to get out of. I hope that while Vince Vance and the Valiants can make a catchy tune, the powers that run our country are going for more than a quick pop hit. The ramifications of a bad political choice are a lot more significant than those of a bad song choice.


Anonymous Steve said...

Minor correction - Bomb Iran wasn't from Vince vance and the Valiants. -
"Bomb Iran," by J.C. & The Bombers
Parody of the Beach Boys "Barbara-Ann" but with a sinister twist.

from: http://www.inthe80s.com/nuclearwar/b.shtml

1:10 AM  
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