Friday, May 12, 2006

H Prize.... Better late than never

The House just passed a bill offering a 10 million dollar prize to encourage scientists to work on bringing the idea of Hydrogen power for automobiles to the present. The Senate needs to pass it, and then the President would have to sign it, but this is a first step. Let me mention that the House also passed this week a $70 Billion dollar tax cut that benefits the wealthiest 3.5% of Americans.

The H Prize could be a wonderful thing not only for the American people now being pressured by really high gas prices, but also for the environment, and for national security. In the long run this might be the best thing that happens to the country in the 1st decade of the 21st century. However, lets not jump the gun.
Will the Senate pass this legislation? Even if we presume that the Senate passes the legislation, it still needs to be signed by the President. What about George W. Bush's personal history makes me wonder whether he would want to stop a project lessening our reliance on oil?

How long can we let opportunities, such as this bill promoting development of alternative fuels, pass us by. It would be helpful if we all contacted our respective elected Senators and requested their support for this legislation.


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