Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Immigration Reform... Is This New?

President Bush cut into May sweeps to push forward his ideas on immigration reform. The networks grudgingly gave him the time to speak on the national stage during prime time, but were these good ideas? Were these ideas well thought out? And finally, what was the reasoning for the timing of this announcement? These are all questions that should be answered as part of the analysis of the proposals put forward.
Was this timing to draw attention away from Karl Rove?Might it have been placed forward to draw attention away from Tony Snow's first press conference, and his embarrassing gaffe. The only other thing I can think of, is that Bush might want to raise those approval numbers. These numbers are comparable to July of 1974, anyone want to tell me what was going on then. Here are two graphs I found on the web... Both based on Gallup polling.These are just interesting reasons to consider before you delve into the substance of what President Bush is proposing.

The main proposal by President Bush is to put 6,000 national guard troops on the border with Mexico. This suggestion appears to be satisfying no one. Lou Dobbs, who has been hammering this issue for months, is raking the Administration over the coals for weeks. There are questions though, why Mexico? Is Canada that much safer?
There are definitely some commonalities in culture, but that is changing. The Hispanic-American community is one of the fastest growing, and most influential in this nation. It is remarkably, pigheaded, ignorant and discriminatory to put troops on our Southern border and not our Northern border.

But what could President Bush have done prior to this announcement in the nearly 5 years since the 9/11 attacks? He could have complied with the suggestions of the 9/11 commission. With all of this considered, it can't be a security issue. If it were, then it would be coupled with Port security and other measures. So why is Bush pushing Immigration reform?

My argument is that he is looking at his polling numbers and trying to secure his conservative republican base, so that he might have a better chance at holding onto a Republican House and Senate. If this is true expect to see Gay marriage and flag burning amendments to be on the agenda before the midterms, because they are so much more important than deficit reduction, a solid plan for Iraq or fully funding the Gulf Coast rebuilding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canadian and American culture are not that much different, especially on the Northern states. Economically, Canada and the US conduct over $1.5 billion dollars of trade per DAY! And practically, you don't want to alienate your best neighbour on this continent. It is not racism. The plain and simple fact is that there is NO overpouring of illegal immigrants from the Canadian border. The current quota of Canadian and American authorities already monitoring the border is sufficient to catch terrorists.

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