Saturday, May 20, 2006

Senior Official in the Bush Administration is against an HIV vaccine

I was going to mention that a Bush 2004 reelection official working in concert with the White House was sentenced to 10 months, but this incompetence was trumped by a Reginald Finger, M.D., M.P.H. , I'm going to talk about the importance of the (H)uman (P)apilloma(V)irus vaccine. This virus leads to cervical cancer; which causes the death of roughly 5000 American women every year. The activity that can caus this, is not necessarily indiscriminant or promiscuous. It is projected that roughly 80% of all sexually active adults have some strain of the virus. What this amounts to is a virus that is innocuous to most and deadly to others. How do our top national health officials handle this? They suppress the vaccine that would protect women against this cancer on religious grounds.

This same man, who is supposed to be advocating for vaccinations to prevent diseases, has stated publicly that he would be loathe to promote a vaccine to combat AIDS if it were to become available. His reasoning is the same in both cases. He does not believe in promoting these specific vaccines because it might implicitly promote pre marital sex. So rather than allowing Americans to protect themselves, he would rather keep the status quo, thereby watching as 5000 American women die every year. This is a small number compared to those women that die every year in the developing world (270,000 worldwide in 2002) from cervical cancer.

Now why am I writing about this. Elizabeth and I heard about this on the national news, and she explained it to me. I have a daughter, and a wife, who I hope will be very healthy for many years. I can understand the abortion debate. I don't necessarily agree with the conservative view, but that does not mean, I can't fathom the thought pattern to come to the pro life position. With that being said, I am envisioning an Administration saying "we have a vaccine approved unanimously by the FDA, that would significantly combat a specific cancer . This cancer kills roughly 5000 American women annually, and we won't approve it, because we don't respect the parents in our country, and must raise their children for them.

By the Way the Administration that would not support a vaccine to combat H.I.V. here is the current number of people you think are not worth your time.


Anonymous Jess said...

Their reasoning (??) is especially baffling when we consider how easy it is for a married woman to contract the HPV virus from her husband--which is what happened to a friend of mine. Many people carry the virus with no obvious symptoms and pass it on to others unknowingly. I think these "Christians" are trying to drive women into boycotting sex with men in order to manage their own lusts--I wonder what would happen if women finally gave them their wish, as Lysistrata did. A nice fantasy...

1:06 AM  
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