Sunday, June 04, 2006

Buying a flag for Memorial Day

A cousin just called me a day or two ago. She related a story common to many of us... During these trying times, she wanted to purchase a flag to hang on her door.... The flag was about 60 inches wide and only appropriate to hang downward as the instructions suggested. However, when she put the flag up as instructed the top corner of the flag was on the incorrect side. Now you would think that if it does not work on one side flip it over and use the side... That too was tried.

Alas, the flag was only printed on one side. Because of the packaging, there was no way to know this prior to purchase. What you do not know, and that I found most interesting, is that the flag was made in China. I find it amazing that we are having a national debate about immigration, border security, and outsourcing of jobs, and yet we are having some foreign country make a profit on Betsy Ross' designs. We bought over $34 million dollars worth of American flags in the month after September 11th. Free trade is a good idea, but this is the American flag we are talking about. There is a domestic textiles industry that could use some help. When you go to purchase a flag for the 4th of July; please try to buy American.


Anonymous Steve said...

US Flag Manufacturer:

(This company is actually in a large warehouse/factory about 2 miles from my house, in New Jersey.)

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