Monday, June 26, 2006

Three is better than one

Life is a series of tradeoffs. Married life brings about those some of those tradeoffs. This was never more evident than during the previous week of my life. As you saw in the last post, I went to Orlando, to fulfill a lifelong (well 20 years of it) dream. I participated in an audition for Jeopardy. Two days after I got back from that we went as a family, to the wedding of one my closest friends and his, now wife.

Going to Orlando, I could eat whenever I wanted and was able to pretty much zip through the airport without a problem. I got to decide what I visited and when. In many respects, for about 36 hours, I got to live the life of a single man. For those of you that are single, it is not nearly as glamorous as TV or movies make it out to be.

Going to BWI at 5 in the morning was stressful, but Cassie was a champ. We got to the hotel around noon on Thursday. I took part in some of the pre-wedding festivities that night. Seriously, we basically hung out and talked and ate, nothing more nothing less. Somehow, while this was fun, I was missing both Elizabeth and Cassie who were both catching up on some needed sleep in the hotel.

Friday, we went to Generous George’s for the rehearsal dinner. The food was great, big portions and very kid friendly. Cassandra loved the décor. A clown playing the saxophone, an old time bumper car, and a pink and blue elephant were the biggest hits. For the bigger kids there were stand up video games Ms. Pac Man and Galaga .For the biggest kids, they serve 32-ounce beers. Playing hide and go seek with Cassie, was incredibly fun, though a bit tiring. It is amazing how much energy is in the little body of our little girl. Seeing her smile and play, chasing her, and seeing her with the other kids was an amazing event, I can’t explain.

As part of the wedding party, I was in pre wedding pictures. The pictures took place on a pier overlooking the Potomac. At the last minute, one of the other groomsmen saw some fishermen and had an idea. The next thing I know we are all taking a picture with fishing rods in hand. I want you all to know that I had never previously caught a fish. It happened this day. I caught a fish in a matter of 3 minutes. The fishermen told us this was the 1st catch of the day. It wasn’t quite this big , but in a few years it probably will be. Trust me the groomsmen had a great laugh over this.

The wedding was very nice. Cassie was too busy exploring her new surrounding, to watch this ritual of commitment. I thought it was a very beautiful ceremony, and wish a lifetime of happiness to the new couple.

The reception was at Maggiano’s. Seeing Cassie eat spaghetti, wear spaghetti on both sides of her nose, and feed me spaghetti, those were wonderful things. I taught her how to use a fork, and shared chicken parmesan with her. She seemed to love all the food. Cassie loves Italian, and I loved being the one to feed her. She enjoyed ice cream, salad and ice tea as well. Seeing her enjoy all of this made my day. Any of you that don’t think this has been an interesting enough post, imagine me walking 5 blocks down Wisconsin Avenue NW in a full tuxedo, it happened. Married with child is definitely better.


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