Thursday, June 08, 2006

Why are things important ?

We just returned from out most recent trip to New Orleans. We all loved it. Yes, I mentioned The Conversation, and that is important but sometimes, small things become the big things in the long run. What will we remember most? Was it the fact that people I’ve not seen often were very welcoming at my old synagogue? No. Nor was it time to catch up with family and friends. Both of those are wonderful things, but not what I believe Elizabeth or I will remember most.

Cassie not only impresses everyone we see, but quite often us as well. She ate beignets and drank coffee as though it was a common occurrence. She went to the Aquarium of the Americas, and she plays well with otters. She got to spend time with New Orleans relatives, going to an art show featuring work from cousin Corrine, and a piano recital for cousin Harrison. She also got to meet her canine cousins Penny and Doc.

We will not only remember her swimming with Grandma and Papa, but also eating corn and cheese grits from Zea’s. These were some events that create memories for Elizabeth and me.

Most of the time, my posts are focused on grand issues of general importance to so many. Those topics can cover national politics, or social questions. For those of you without kids, I apologize. This post is not nearly as obviously interesting to many of you. Ask new parents, or even new grandparents, and you will find that many of them became a lot more interested in the future of society, when it was someone else’s future they were concerned about.


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