Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How intelligent do you really need to be to get elected Senator from Alaska... Or Be afraid, Be very Afraid

I found this on Wired....

I would like to thank the Honorable but stupid Senior Senator from Alaska. The link above is a partial transcript to Senator Stevens trying to explain his vote on net neutrality. He has no understanding of how the Internet works, and even proclaims that the Defense Dept. just recently got it's own Internet. Being a layperson, I believe he is talking about an intranet. Those are not new Senator. Please contact the Senator from your state to try and vote down this bill.

If you want to see the Bill that passed the House I linked that to the bottom of this page, look for the Cope Act. It still has to pass out of the Commerce Committee and then achieve cloture. We can all thank Senator Wyden for that. To achieve cloture a bill must recieve 60 votes. I honestly do not see this bill making it past that test. I hope I'm right. For those of you who wonder about my prognosticating, I've never honestly believed the Saints were going to the Super Bowl.


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