Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel's place on the world stage

Israel was founded in 1948. The United Nations passed resolution 181 dividing the British mandate into two states, one Jewish, and one Arab. This resolution was passed in 1947. Rather than agreeing to this at the time, the Arab leaders said it was not acceptable and attacked the Jewish sections of Palestine. I constantly here current Arab talking heads spouting about how they want Israel to abide by resolution 181.

It appears that nobody is abiding by 181. There is no viable Arab state currently in the area, and Jerusalem, is not an international open city. Here's the part that the world doesn't seem to pay attention to: Lebanon, along with Hamas and Hezballah, does not recognize Israel as a country. Why should Israel stop what it is doing if these countries or Non Governmental Organizations, choose to act as if Israel does not have the right to exist?


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