Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Key to Real Estate... Location, Location, Location

I've been interested in politics for most of my life. My question to all of you is the following. Have politicians ever appeared to think less before speaking than they do today? Today, women appear to be doing there best to not think before they speak. Men achieved this lack of thinking years ago.

Fidel Castro is so ill he has handed power to his brother. Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen just stated that while this was a wonderful development, "After Lenin's death communism went on. After Karl Marx died, communism went on. After Chairman Mao died communism went on." Now I have two problems with this statement. First, what empire does Castro control? Second was anyone following the teachings of Marx on a national scale, before he died in 1883?

A local Miami TV station reported Castro's illness last night, at which time that same station dispatched TV crews to a street in South Miami where there were block parties because of this announcement. These parties appeared to rival those in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. These Cuban immagrants to the area are overjoyed. What exactly are they worried about? Is Cuba going to overthrow South Florida; some people think it already has, but by anti Castro forces.

I want to look at Cuba for a minute to understand its importance on the world stage. Cuba has a land area of 110,860 square kilometers. Cuba is the 105th largest nation in the world. There population is 11,382,820. Cuba is the 73rd most populous nation in the world. Obviously, these are not the items that make Cuba so much of a priority to the U.S. Maybe they are an economic powerhouse.

Cuba's Gross Domestic Product ranks 89th in the world, and the per capita income of $3,000 dollars annually is ranked 126th in the world. I obtained these figures from Wikipedia. Needless to say the United States is in much better shape in all of these rankings than Cuba. Maybe, it is none of these but it is simply a real estate issue.

Cuba is roughly 90 miles from Florida. So location is the issue. Does anyone have neighbors they don't particularly like? I know that we do. So apparently, does the U.S.A. But, why then are we not paying any attention to Mexico and its instability? Does anyone outside of Arizona know what is going on in Mexico?


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