Saturday, September 16, 2006

What the Hell are we eating?

I work as a special education teacher. This does not pay as much as I would like. Does anyone get paid what he or she should be? I have as good a case as anyone else in this regard, but I do not know of anyone that does not claim to be underpaid. This leads many of us working folk to bring lunch. Just recently, I've made it a point to get lunch items when I do the weekly grocery run. Has anyone else noticed the proliferation of foods that are being prepared so that they do not need to be refrigerated?

O.K. I've always known that canned products were safe. Chef Boyardee was always good until it was opened. The fact that I ate a Hormel meal called Roast Beef and Mash Potatoes scares me to death, but probably makes my GI Doctor happy as can be. Why are there now so many options for non-perishable lunches? My folks ate, Meals Ready to Eat, MREs for a couple weeks last year, is the same technology being utilized in this case? I tried to google the topic for research purposes and did not come up with anything useful on the topic. If anyone has any ideas about this, I'm curious or I wouldn't have put this up. By the way, an MRE has a shelf life of a month if kept in 120-degree weather.


Blogger Mom said...

The reason there is more selection in the processed food line is that there are more consumers who want or need foods that are ready-to-eat or simple to prepare. SpaghettiO's with meatballs have been available since my boys were small, so the technology has been around for awhile.

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