Friday, October 27, 2006

President Bush and his close circle of friends

President Bush has made a point throughout his Presidency of seeming familiar. He has called the Secretary General of the U.N. "Kofi." He refers to Dr. Condolleezza Rice as "Condi." General Colin Powell has been called "Colin". This wouldn't bother me if these references were made in private. All of these references have been made to the press. These individuals deserve the respect that their titles afford them.

This has been a problem throughout President Bush's Presidency. Well, it got worse yesterday. President Bush was campaigning for a candidate in Iowa. Mr. Bush was promoting the candidacy of Mr. Lamberti in the 3rd Congressional District of Iowa. Mr. Lamberti is polling a bit behind his opponent, and the President was brought in to boost his chances for election. President spoke to the press on Mr. Lamberti's behalf. President Bush talked about how he and Dave share values. President Bush and Dave share goals for the country, and both of them believe in the same objectives in foreign policy. Considering President Bush's poll numbers this might not be as effective as you might expect. That, however, is not my problem with this situation. It is rather unfortunate for Mr. Lamberti and President Bush, Mr. Lamberti's first name is Jeff not Dave.


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