Friday, October 13, 2006

To Email or not to Email

Here's an interesting tidbit.
Anybody can run for office these days. Maybe it's better to say that this is the land of opportunity for everyone in all walks of life.... including sickos, freaks and racists. I spent a good bit of the early 1990's in Arizona. A friend of mine served in the Arizona state government. I'm interested in her take on the background of this man.
A state legislator, Mr. Russell Pearce, forwarded an Email to his supporters. This is not unusual. Anyone who has an Email account has noticed a significant amount of election related mail in these days prior to the election. A white supremacist group in West Virginia however, sent this email to Mr. Pearce. Mr. Pearce claims that this was an accident and that he did not thoroughly read the email before forwarding it. Personally, I can understand not reading all of my email. I get an awful lot of email that I do not read all of.
That begs 2 questions.

1. Why is he sending out an Email in his name from a White Supremacist Group?
2. How involved with this group is this man?

I would believe Mr. Pearce's story of ignorance if his history did not appear to contradict his recent statements. Recently, Mr. Pearce has been at the forefront of the illegal immigration debate in Arizona. He has proposed reinstating a program from the Eisenhower Administration. This program would racially profile all Mexicans, round them up and then deport them. This program, and this man, would deport millions of people, legal residents or not, based on their skin color. During interviews about his stance, Mr. Pearce has steadfastly used derogatory terms regarding Mexican Americans. Does that sound like a man who made a simple mistake by sending an unsolicited Email?


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