Saturday, November 11, 2006

Say Goodnight Gracie

The average voter does not appear to be buying into the party of Abramoff, Foley and Iraq. A good number of Democrats were voted in to create a counterweight to the power that President Bush has exhibited the past 6 years. In the words of Donald Rumsfeld "The American people eventually make the right decision". Hey Rummy I agree with you. By the way don't let the door hit you on the... well anyway.... President Bush has seemed a bit more conciliatory toward the Democrats in the past two days. He even said that he was more focused on the election than Rove was...Now Karl is someone who appears to have lost favor. The Democrats have won the House and the Senate, how did that happen? You can go to any number of websites and get the breakdown. Trust me I've seen them. Stats are a wonderful thing, the Republicans lost this demographic or that demographic; to me those details are irrelevant. The enduring Rovian Republican majority disappeared almost as quickly as the 1000 year Reich.

Let's focus on the important facts. My daughter Cassie went to bed when CNN announced that Nancy Pelosi was going to be the next Speaker of the House... I could swear Cassie looked at me and said, "I'm going to be the next Speaker, daddy". Whether that really happened or not is for you all to decide.

What changes can we expect? How will the minimum wage hike affect the economy? What will it take to implement the 9-11 commission proposals? Who is replacing Rumsfeld? What are Harry Reid's goals in the Senate? I will be examining each of these questions in detail over the coming weeks, for now we can just appreciate the victory and a bit of balance brought to the process of government. As I was watching the returns in the early morning yesterday, I was trying to frame my thoughts for this post. Is it Morning in America? Lee Atwater probably wouldn't agree. I'm hopeful for a Renaissance after 12 years of the Congressional Dark Ages. That still doesn't strike the right chord, though. It came to me after my 2nd Rummy and Coke, as Conrad Burns and George Allen were headed for defeat. I figure the Republican show is over. I expect Congresswoman Pelosi to be a long-term star in this new reality spin-off ... Survivor: Capitol Hill.


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