Thursday, April 12, 2007

The End of Imus..........

It was reported today that CBS Radio has dropped Don Imus' show. My only problem with this is the double standard that appears remarkably obvious in this situation. Not only should Jesse Heimey town" Jackson, and Al "Tajuana Brawley" Sharpton be held to similar standards, but how about imprisoning Anne Coulter for her suggestion that Supreme Court Justice Stevens should be poisoned, and let's hold Rush ' to the all you can eat ' Limbaugh accountable for his improper use of prescription drugs. Finally, shouldn't we take action against Bill O' Reilly for his improper actions toward a subordinate coworker?

Fine let the old man ride off into the sunset.... He is one of the ugliest men I ever did see, but is he so much more important than these others that he be held to a higher standard? Hate is hate regardless of the color of the mouth it comes from.


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One of your best!

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