Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hurricanes as Terrorist Cells

As I sit here at my computer there are two stories staring me in the face. Apparently, Senator John Warner (Va.) no longer supports the President's Iraq strategy. Together with the Times-Picayune's front page article regarding the Corps' plans to complete flood protection and I get a bit confused. I can look down on this blog and tell you that the federal government has committed over 450 billion dollars in a country whose inhabitants don't even welcome us anymore. I realize that the Bush Administration does not always do what I would like, but please spend 1.5 billion extra dollars over the next 4 years to give the corps the full funding it needs.

I'm a big fan of paying for federal programs as you go. So I have an idea of how to pay for this without raising taxes on any Americans. It costs about 1 billion dollars per month to conduct American military operations in Iraq. Anyone see where I'm going with this. If we take the troops out of Iraq 2 months early, we can use the savings to to fully fund the levee rebuilding. We could then spend the other 500 million dollars on one heckuva going away party for President Bush.


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