Monday, November 19, 2007

The Republicans have finally gotten something right

A brief history lesson..... Many years ago, about 218 years, the framers of the Constitution originally created rules that only allowed the very wealthy the right of suffrage. Only landed white men could vote in the very first elections in the United States of America. Within the Constitution, the electoral college was created to stop the citizens from electing someone who would do significant damage to the Republic. This safeguard appears to have failed.

We have always had expectations of what our national government should do with its resources. One of the most obvious of those goals is to protect our youngest citizens. Children should be a priority of this Administration. President Bush has made a point of talking about how I, as a teacher should be held accountable
in educating this nation's children. This program has been so disastrous that
21 states have requested waivers or changes to the law.The "Education
",should be held accountable for the failure of this program.
It appears that a cornerstone for every successful nation, a well-educated population
is not being achieved by this current Administration. Unfortunately, this is
not the only area where George Bush's government is failing us.

As we approach the holiday season there are two things everyone thinks about: food and gifts. Anybody that wants to get us either of those is more than welcome to do so. Today, there are questions about our food supply. I'm not even going into the whole Chinese crawfish debate. This is more of a general issue with the safety of our food supply. There have been numerous food recalls. This is not just a fast-food burger problem. If we don't have a safe food supply then what is the Food and Drug Administration doing to keep us safe? This safeguard
appears to have failed. Unfortunately, this is not the only area where George Bush's government is failing us.

I could probably add a paragraph or two about border security, or maybe health care for veterans. Maybe there should be a mention of the disastrous housing market, or maybe the falling dollar. I could mention again the problems with oversight of toys, and the Consumer Product Safety Board. Here I go again ranting about how terrible things are. You, dear reader, (Thanks Mom), have heard my tirade before. The government is failing
us. President Bush is going to go down as one of the worst in history. I decided to look at this from a different perspective. I think I finally understand the rationale of the Administration.

The earliest Presidential election campaign that I truly remember was 1980, and even that one is a bit blurry. However from that campaign I remember the Republicans complaining that the federal government had
gotten too big. Whether it was a complaint that welfare for the poor cost too much money, or that we spent too much money helping other countries, or for any other programs, the federal government was spending too much money. The Republicans are making the same argument today, even as they preside over the largest
government in history. The Republicans have now chosen to prove that their hypothesis, big
government is bad, is correct.

Whether it is Katrina, or food safety, home ownership, or oversight of imported goods, the Republicans have shown the American public that they are right. We now have the largest government in American history, and it is very possibly the worst in the history of the world. I don't think anything in
politics is a coincidence. I think everything this Administration does is an attempt to create a Republican majority for years to come.

Is it possible that Karl Rove and President Bush knew that wealthier people are more likely to vote? Is it also possible that the more inefficient and unresponsive the federal government becomes the less politically active the middle and lower classes become? Could anyone believe that the questions surrounding the federal elections of 2000, and 2004 might dissuade people from voting? A large percentage of the American population does not vote anyway. If they can convince just a few more people that the federal government
does not work to the benefit of most citizens then people might vote even less. The wealthy will vote
because they will have the most access and the most intimate relationship with the government (and the most at
stake.) Rather than just saying that big government is bad.... Let's prove it.


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