Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pinnochio for Congress

I got this off of Daily Kingfish. I was not a big fan of his in 1996.... I don't think this endears me to him or his cause anymore.

Hmmm ... desperate attacks? Lies? I call horsepuckey. The link brings you to the agreement between Louis E. "Woody" Jenkins and the FEC regarding the fraudulent campaign finance reports filed by Woody's 1996 campaign. It states:

6. After the 1996 primary election in Louisiana, David Duke contacted Woody
Jenkins and recommended that he use the services of a computerized phone bank system run by Impact Mail. Jenkins purchased several rounds of calls from Impact Mail. After the first round of calls, Jenkins began hearing complaints that Duke's name would appear on the caller ID when a phone bank message would arrive. At that point, Jenkins tried to cancel the transaction but was unable to because Tony Perkins, his campaign manager, had signed a contract with Impact Mail. Subsequently, Jenkins instructed Perkins to put a stop payment on the check issued to Impact Mail and directed that Impact Mail be paid through Courtney Communications, the campaign's media firm. The Jenkins Committee issued three $27,500 checks Courtney. Courtney, in turn, made out three checks in the same amount to Impact Mail. The treasurer of record, Michael A. Tham, states that he was unaware of the specific transactions with Impact Mail when he entered the information on the disclosure reports. In the case of the first check, Mr. Tham simply assumed it was for TV advertising.

7. The Jenkins Committee contracted with Impact Mail for computerized phone bank services. Jenkins acknowledges that Impact Mail provided the services to the Jenkins Committee. Courtney Communications was not involved in the provision of services by Impact Mail. Jenkins decided to make disbursements for the services through Courtney Communications because he did not want his campaign to be associated with Impact Mail and did not want Impact Mail listed on the Jenkins Committee's disclosure reports.

Yep ... in 2002, he signed that paper that admitted he bought Duke's list of supporters and phonebanked them. Now that he's running for Congress, he's hoping y'all don't notice.


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