Sunday, May 18, 2008

Return to the Bad Old Days?

Recently the Democratic party picked up 3 seats in the Congress that are generally held by conservative Republicans. The seats were held in Mississippi, Louisiana and Indiana. Conservative democrats now hold all 3 of the seats. On the outside this is a harbinger of good things to come for the November elections, if you are a Democrat. However, I am not so certain.

During the 1980’s, and early 1900’s the Democrats had significant majorities in the Congress, but were limited by the lack of discipline within their own caucus. It seems to me that this might be replaying itself in the near future. With Congressmen like Childers and Cazayoux this problem might reappear. Certainly, it will look nice if the Democratic Party can pick up 10 or 12 seats, but I hope they can agree to work together to push forward an agenda. If not it will be a return to the bad old days.


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