Saturday, June 21, 2008

Please take a moment to read this

This goes beyond party loyalties... Please use this link, to sign the petition requesting that we protect our children from unsafe toys.

Dear Representative [Last Name]:

Please take the opportunity now to support the strongest product safety bill possible as conferees work out differences between the House and Senate versions.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been under-funded and understaffed for too long. It needs new tools and resources to help ensure that dangerous toys, cribs and other hazardous products do not wind up on store shelves and in our homes.

I urge you to contact your fellow members of Congress who are conferencing on the final product safety bill to ensure that the package that is sent to the President brings together the best elements of each bill. For example, please fight to retain:
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-- A Consumer Complaints Website: The Senate bill creates a website that would make more safety information available to me, such as information about incidents associated with cribs and toys that could injure or even kill babies and children. The House bill requires a study and development of a feasibility plan for a future website.

-- Testing Toys to the Latest Safety Standards: The Senate bill will require that all toys be tested and certified to comprehensive safety standards, while the House language directs the CPSC to conduct a study on this topic.

-- Broader Inclusion of Products Used By All Kids: In families with more than one child, siblings wind up sharing toys, so a dangerous product intended only for a 12 year-old may still get into his seven year-old brother's hands. The final bill should recognize this reality. The "children's products" that receive the bill's protections should be defined as those of kids 12 and younger, as the House bill does, rather than the Senate bill's 7 years of age.

-- Low Lead Levels. Both the House and Senate bills have critical new restrictions on the lead allowed in toys and other children's products. Please combine the best of the House and Senate bills and make sure that we get to the lowest possible levels of lead, as quickly as possible. Last holiday season was a dangerous one for consumers please help make sure that the holidays are safer this year.

There are other important provisions to preserve, including giving states a key role in enforcing product safety rules and sufficiently increasing penalties for companies when they break the rules.

Please be sure that these are included in a final bill.

Help make 2008 the Year of Product Safety Reform, by fighting for the strongest Consumer Product Safety Bill possible!
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