Monday, July 28, 2008

What is that strange feeling?

I knew there was something wrong. I couldn’t understand the strange unusual feeling in my neck. My shoulder didn’t feel the same. Even my back felt different. What caused this? Why is my stress level so different? These were questions that I faced as the plane landed yesterday afternoon.

We’ve been to various ports on a cruise. Maybe I caught something in Barbados. I strongly suggest the flying fish (it is the specialty of the island cuisine). Maybe, the Cruzon (rum) Cool-aid caused a problem on St. Thomas. Elizabeth and I got the Cool-aid on a street corner, and are convinced it was the Virgin Islands version of moonshine. I felt o.k. later that night. While the drink made me see through time, very useful for a social studies teacher, it did not make me ill. Maybe it was the world famous banana daiquiri, that was world famous for being bland. We spent seven days in the southern Caribbean. We drank, and drank, and drank, and drank some more. On some of these excursions I would ask if there was food at whichever bar we were at, and the staff almost laughed at me. The highlights were St. Peter’s Great House on St. Thomas, Sunbury Great House on Barbados and the Ballahoo(sp?) restaurant on St. Kitt’s. The people we met were great both on the ship and on the tours. The physical issues I felt yesterday were not caused by the cruise. The cruise ended 2 weeks ago, it was wonderful, but its effects wore off already.

Our time in New Orleans was wonderful as always. While there is a lot of work to do, it appears that the Crescent City will come back with or without help from the feds. Cassie went to Storyland for the first time. She enjoyed it so much that my brother had to take her off the rides, over significant objection. She also learned to swim that week. My mother was nice enough to take care of Cassie for a week while we were on the cruise. We spent about a week total in the city. It was great to catch up a bit with friends and relatives. The coffee and doberge are still to die for. Thanks to everyone there, and we will be back in December. While the food was definitely heavier, I did not feel any ill effects after we got back.

We spent about a week in Miami, and then went to visit some of Elizabeth’s family in Texas. The idea of west Texas in late July did not inspire me at first. I knew that the people we were visiting would be fun, but the location and timing concerned me. Due to scheduling constraints however, this was really the only time we could go.

Honestly, I knew we would enjoy it, but I did not think that I would enjoy it that much. Who in the heck would go to Lubbock in July? The food was wonderful. I’m a native New Orleanian so when we went to the French Quarter Bistro I was hoping for the best. I have to say that the Roast Beef Po Boy was very good, as was the bread pudding. The food, in general, was very good. Not only was the food good but there was an amazing playground called Legacy Village. No matter where we went it seemed that people were just nicer to us, and each other, than we were used to. Everyone and everything was great in Lubbock. We met great people and had a great time.

I think I figured out what that feeling was… I missed about a month’s worth of news. What on earth was wrong with me. I was actually living my life rather watching other people live on MSNBC. Finally, to the young man that we met in the airport, shipping off to Iraq in August …. Be safe and thank you.



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