Saturday, August 30, 2008

Parishes with Mandatory Evacuations

Sorry for the cut and paste... but this does not really need any input on my part

Good luck to all and stay safe...

The Governor announced that the following parishes have declared mandatory evacuations, and state continues to work closely with all coastal parishes as they execute their evacuation plans:

* Allen - Recommended
* Assumption - Mandatory
* Beauregard - Recommended
* Calcasieu - 12PM Noon Sunday, Mandatory
* Cameron - Sunday, Mandatory for residents south of Highway 14, Recommended for the rest of the parish.
* Iberia - 7AM Sunday, Mandatory
* Jefferson - 8AM Sunday, Mandatory for residents on the West Bank. 12 Noon Sunday, Mansatory for residents on the East Bank.
* Lafayette - Voluntary
* Lafourche - 9AM Saturday for residents south of the flood gate, 3PM for all others, Mandatory
* Orleans - 8AM Sunday, Mandatory
* Plaquemines - 12PM Noon saturday, Mandatory
* St. Bernard - 4PM Saturday, Mandatory
* St. Charles - 12PM Saturday, Mandatory
* St. John - 8PM Saturday, Mandatory
* St. Martin - Mandatory
* St. Mary - 4PM Saturday, Mandatory
* St. Tammany - 7AM Sunday, Mandatory for residents south of I-12 and residents living near a major tributary.
* Tangipahoa - Mandatory for all residents living in mobile homes and travel trailers, as well as anyone south of Highway 22.
* Terrebonne - 4PM Saturday, Mandatory
* Vermillion - Saturday, Mandatory
* Washington - 5PM Sunday, Mandatory for residents of FEMA trailers and mobile homes.


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