Friday, February 20, 2009


I grew up in a time when televangelists were on all the television channels on Sunday mornings. This was a time before cable television gave us 500 channels of nothing to watch. I never really watched the programs, but I do remember one with a man who was named Reverend Lovelady. That name always made me chuckle (I’ve got to confess it still does). These were the days of the blue laws in Louisiana where most businesses were closed on Sunday.

Without watching these programs, I seem to have gathered a rather jaded opinion of most televangelist clergy. I would imagine that I probably was at least somewhat biased because at an early age it seemed that these programs were causing me to wait longer to watch Archie Manning and my beloved Saints. Therefore, one of my reasons for disliking televangelists was not very well thought out. Not everyone has a good reason behind biases toward or against other religions, and at the age of eight I wasn't much different. This negative opinion remains to this very day.

Recently, I found out that Pat Robertson justified China's forced abortion/one child policy. He claims that China has a significant population problem, and unemployment problems and while it is abhorrent, he understands its necessity. Well in the article you will find that China actually has a lower population density, and lower unemployment than many other countries. The real story is that Robertson has significant business interests in The People's Republic. The government of China does not handle criticism well and Robertson knows it.

While this part of the story is a bit old, realize that John McCain's daughter is currently in the news begging the Republicans to modernize their understanding of technology. If Pat Robertson and others like him understood modern technology (like say a tape recorder), then maybe he wouldn't be on record supporting a regime that forces abortion on its own people.


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