Monday, April 13, 2009

Economic Stimulus

As most of us are getting involved in tax season, surrounded by shoe boxes and faded receipts, the government is trying to encourage most Americans to spend what they can afford. President Obama has given pep talks, and any number of stores have had significant sales. The government is constantly talking about how to kick start the economy.

Every now and then a lightbulb goes off in my head. That lightbulb is quite painful, (searing flesh and hair aren't comforting) but it means that I have an idea. I got this idea as I was watching Nickelodeon Jr. with Cassie, my four year old. She asks for nearly every item that comes on the commercials. These items range from Play Doh and Pixos to Barbie Dolls and Bendaroos. Those items she is not personally interested in she will then suggest for her cousin. In many respects she is as persistent as any car salesman(woman). After speaking with other fathers of four and five year olds, I've learned that this behavior is quite common. Now how does this solve the macroeconomic problems our great nation currently.

If we pair every four and five year old in the country with an individual or couple with disposable income we can solve two problems at once. Instead of Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, we could call the new program.... Big Spenders.


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