Saturday, May 29, 2010

Relief Wells

A relief well is drilled to redirect oil when there is a problem with the initial well that was created. Everything that has been attempted to stop the flow of oil from the blown well at the Deep Horizon site has failed. The individuals at British Petroleum are eventually going to attempt this as a last best attempt at closing that well.

There was talk in the press that the Canadians demand that relief wells be drilled in conjunction with the initial drilling of a new well for the sake of safety in case of a problem such as the one currently in the Gulf. Recently, there has been a dispute as to whether Canadians actually demand that these extra wells be drilled in advance or if they just need a show of proof that the wells can be drilled.

Considering that BP made $93 million daily, and this is costing them about 17.5 million dollars daily according to the Washington Post aren’t a few risks to the environment.

Relief Wells are drilled in such a way to intersect with the initial well to allow the oil from the initial well to be brought under control. The Canadians have discussed this sort of well in regard to the Artic circle and other environmentally sensitive areas. Regardless of whether the Canadians demand a relief well be drilled in advance or not, the U.S. Congress should take the lead and demand that any of these oil companies, making obscene profits, drill just such a well in advance of iniating the flow of crude to avoid ordeals such as the one we are currently dealing with.


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