Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does G-D Watch the World Cup?

I have to admit that as an American I follow soccer very casually. I catch a few of the exhibitions the national team plays between World Cups, but only get focused for the World Cup. Being on vacation allowed me to structure my day around the various matches during the first round.
I woke Cassie up on two different mornings, so that I could get her to school and get back to watch the various matches. I even tried to get my wife to go with me to buy a vuvuzela, enhance the experience and all. The first round of games were both thrilling and agonizing. It was still a thrill without my vuvuzela.
As I got ready to watch today's match against Ghana, my daughter, Cassie chose to watch Men in Black II instead. Rather than fight my 5 year old for control of the TV, I watched the univision feed online. Whenever I've watched a sporting event online there has been an area to converse with others watching the same event. Most of the time these conversations are about good or bad plays, good or bad refereeing and the like. However, occasionally during these events (not just the World Cup) people will ask others to pray to G-D in order for their chosen team to win. I wouldn't have brought this up except that it happened again today.
Don't get me wrong; I lose sleep over the Saints or the University of Arizona. My mood improved immeasurably when the Saints beat the Colts for the Super Bowl victory. I enjoy and take sports pretty seriously. However, I think it is crazy to ask G-D to favor one team over another. The Saints won, does that mean that Brees is divinely favored over Manning? Does some cosmic force like Colston more than Wayne? Considering today's match, does the Lord like Ghana more than the good old U.S.A.?
This whole line of argument is ludicrous and insulting to the individuals. If G-D involves himself or herself in the matters of men, I can understand inspiring men or women to great things, such as solving international crises, or other major issues.

I brought this up to someone once before, and they said G-D had limitless resources and could do it all. Presuming that is true, I still don't think divine forces get involved in whether one athletic enterprise is successful and another is a failure. Please do not misunderstand me, if a group prays before or after the game regarding the health of all the participants that is a different issue entirely.

But as for the success of an athletic team, I think people should respect and honor the participants that take part, and not bring the divine into it.


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