Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here is a chance at real transparency

I don't remember which election, either 1992 or '96, but at some point there was a significant cry from Republicans because Al Gore had some sort of fundraiser that was tied to Buddhist monks. I never thought of average monks as great fundraising targets. Maybe there is a secret cabal of billionaire monks.

I'm not certain whether the monks were citizens of the U.S., but the national media portrayed them as foreign nationals. The Republicans and Fox News focused on this "scandal" for a significant period of time. Well, now the current Congress is trying to take steps to allay the concerns that the Republicans had then. The piece of legislation I am talking about is called the DISCLOSE Act. The Republicans are filibustering it.

The Bill has simple purposes:
From OpenCongress.org

It seeks to increase transparency of corporate and special-interest money in national political campaigns. It would require organizations involved in political campaigning to disclose the identity of the large donors, and to reveal their identities in any political ads they fund. It would also bar foreign corporations, government contractors and TARP recipients from making political expenditures. Notably, the bill would exempt all long-standing, non-profit organizations with more than 500,000 members from having to disclose their donor lists.

I appreciate that everyone including corporations want to take part in this, out great experiment in Democracy. Wouldn't it be nice for everyone to admit who they are supporting rather than hiding behind bogus new groups with made up names.

Help everyone to be proud of their political beliefs, by calling your U.S. Senator and telling him/her that you support the DISCLOSE Act.


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