Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Dad Life

As I sit here, we've just returned from a viewing of "Despicable Me". It's not a bad movie. Earlier this morning, I got to spend time coloring with Cassie, and we went to a local diner for our regular weekend breakfast daddy daughter date. She got her favorite french toast, and drank most of my coffee. We've been doing some version of this weekly for the better part of four years.

I intended, in my youth, to be a world diplomat. As anyone that reads this must know, I've always had a passion for politics. I've got cousins, that I love dearly, that will talk with me about the minutiae of Constitutional Law. I always am cruising various websites about what is going on on the Hill.

However, at this point I can't imagine anything better than going to watch a movie with my 6 year old, and splitting a Brownie after the fact. While discussing and debating legislation is a wonderful past time; how much time does that leave me to be a dad and a husband? I am not the mover and shaker of governance that I once imagined,. One day I might get to be on this board or that, but right now doing homework with my daughter, and watching a movie with my wife make me very happy.

There is not much more I can hope for.



Blogger judyb said...

You rock! Don't ever change. Kids and your wife are too important.

7:54 PM  

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