Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Logic and politics just don't go together.... sometimes

“Every American recognizes the heroism of the 9/11 first responders,...But it is not compassionate to help one group while robbing
future generations of opportunity.”       - Sen. Coburn 12/22/2010

For the 30 years that I've been following politics Republicans have tried to wrap themselves in the American flag, and proclaim that they are the party of blue collar patriotic Americans.This group has always said that they are more staunchly supportive of our national defense. This week however, all of that has gone out the window. The Republican leadership has voted against a bill that should have been easy to pass. I'm referring to the First Responders Health Bill(James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act). The Zadroga Bill has been passed, over significant Republican objection.

The Bush administration and Republicans in general have used 9/11 as an electoral cudgel for almost 10 years now. The Republicans supposedly kept us safe from terrorist attack for 7 years after the event and therefore should be elected, because they will keep us safe. Hell, who can forget the imagery of President Bush standing amidst the rubble of the World Trade Centers, with a bullhorn in hand talking about how brave and patriotic the workers were. This is the imagery that helped numerous politicians on that side of the aisle claim the high ground on national defense, and security. Dr. Coburn now claims that this legislation which is fully paid for by taxing foreign businesses, is too expensive.

The Republicans, who just recently passed a tax cut for the uber wealthy, that was not paid for; are complaining about the cost of a bill that honors and supports true American heroes. This bill is offset, or paid for, by charging foreign business interests that work here in the United States. I thought I understood Republicans. I thought the Republican party supported the American business community and the wealthy interests above all else. I didn't realize that the Republican leadership supports and defends Foreign business interests over the needs and interests of true American heroes who supported this country in its greatest hour of need.

 Happy holidays and stay warm.

In putting together this piece, I spoke with the offices of Senator Gillibrand, Nelson, and LeMieux. I also tried unsuccessfully to contact the office of Senator Coburn. I want to thank everyone I spoke with.
I also read the letter from the Congressional Budget Office regarding this bill. If anyone wants to read it; here it is.

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