Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moldy, Cheesy and just plain wrong

Before I start this blog let me put the responsible disclaimer here...
I am a public school teacher in another state. I am a member of the union that represents educators. The governor here is looking to do the same thing to us, that Governor Walker is looking to do in Wisconsin. All of that being said, here I go.

I'm not going to bore you with the standard we are teachers we deserve better tripe. While I do happen to believe that we are underpaid, I know very few people that think they should not get more money for the given job that they perform. I went into this profession understanding that the lack of pay would be replaced by the glowing plaudits people would send me way. It isn't unusual to hear people say "It's great that you chose to become a teacher, we need good young minds in the classroom", or "Noah's a teacher, he's shaping the future". While I'm not as young anymore, I guess to some (very,very,very,very... well, you get the idea...small) degree I am shaping the future. These kind words do not however, stop me from looking at contemporaries often making 200-300% of what I make, and wondering.... I know, I know that is not where I am going with this piece.

Recently, there has been a push for government, both at the state and federal level to cut budgets because of the weak economy. I understand this, and to some degree support it. Unfortunately, the actions of most of these states legislatures and governors alike have been downright bopkes. From coast to coast, we here state governments crying poverty. The oratory for shared sacrifice comes from Republicans and Democrats alike. If I hear anyone tell me that the government at whatever level, needs to tighten its belt like any other American, then I will, heck I don't want to fill in that blank because, I don't want to be held to the obvious.

While the politicians are saying this they are extending the Bush tax cuts in D.C., or cutting real estate taxes in Florida, or making it much harder to raise taxes in Wisconsin. Wait, that whole supply side economics thing... If you cut taxes on the wealthy the economy will get better, isn't that the way it works. I realize that I'm on one side of the aisle so to say, but President George H.W. Bush agrees with me on this. Here is the video that supports me.

Let me get this straight, the government is running low on money because the economy has gone south. The answer according to the leaders of Wisconsin's, and Florida's majority party are to cut revenues on those most able to pay them and reneg on legally agreed to contracts with our teachers, policemen and firemen. They aren't even in league with their nationally elected bretheren. The House of Representatives just passed a budget that cut heating fuel subsidies for the poor, and funding for veterans returning from Afghanistan. Never fear though, they successfully kept the funding for the Defense Department to advertise with Nascar.

The American budget needs to be reigned in after 10 years of neglect. I like my fellow teachers, and civil servants in Wisconsin are middle class tax payers, and average citizens. We will do our part, but don't ask us to take on more burden, that we can't really handle, so that those on the top prosper even more.

Wisconsin Governor Walker: 43% Approval Rating - Rasmussen Reports™

I understood the 'Throw the bums out' mentality in November. Unfortunately, no one seems to remember the old political adage.

I'd rather the bums I know, than the ones I don't.


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker won his job last November with 52% of the vote, but his popularity has slipped since then.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Wisconsin Voters finds that just 34% Strongly Approve of the job he is doing, while 48% Strongly Disapprove. Overall, including those who somewhat approve or disapprove, the new Republican governor earns positive reviews from 43% and negative reviews from 57% of voters statewide.


Blogger tomtoak said...

Noah: I agree with your comments completely. In Rhode Island which has similar problems there are no sales or excise taxes on all of the $million dollar yachts that line Narragansett Bay. If you are a middle class person the likes to go camping, You surely must pay sales and excise taxes on your camper. This Country is becoming two countries; one for the rich and one for everyone else. tomtoak

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