Friday, April 01, 2011

This phone contraption can cause problems

“Who are these evil teachers who teach your children, these evil policemen who protect them, these evil firemen who pull them from burning buildings? When did we all become evil?” said Canterbury, whose union endorsed Bush in 2000 and 2004 and John McCain in 2008.

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I was energized (read agitated) enough today to call my local Florida state representative asking about a bill that is detrimental to state employees. I called the local office number for my legislator and was greeted by a pleasing voice on the other end. I asked the woman what the status of HR 1405 was. It was explained to me that I had called the Florida state house. I replied by saying that it was a local measure and was told to hold on while she looked it up. I was then told that the legislator did not sponsor it. I then asked if she could just tell me the status of the bill. The bill has passed out of committee.

Once a bill has passed committee it needs to be passed in the exact same form by the membership of both chambers. I explained my opposition to the bill, and asked that the legislator, (MY legislator), vote in opposition to the bill.

At this point in the conversation, and I've been on numerous of these calls, the person/ constituent is thanked for their participation in the process, and told that their opinion will be passed along to the elected official. Something like this is standard boilerplate script, even if the request goes against the position of the elected official.

This person I was talking to did not say anything like this. I thought this was a standard call, because I'm pretty certain that the legislator in question supports my position. However, the person representing the office on this call , heard my request and then told me "There is nothing we can do it passed committee".

Regardless, of the fate of this piece of legislation that was the absolute wrong thing to say to me. If you hire people that can't properly handle standard constituent communication, or exude a defeatist, I don't care attitude to my interests, maybe I don't care whether you get reelected. This is not something that will encourage me to vote for this person in the near future.


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