Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I don't think that word means what you think it means

3. The right to guaranteed benefits under a government program, as Social Security or unemployment compensation.

1825–35; entitle + -ment

As a youth, I watched the political establishment warp and maim ideas so that people became embarrassed to be labeled certain things. The most obvious example I can give is the word liberal. Hell, that word has been so successfully maligned over the last 30 years, that the liberal elements in this country now call themselves "Progressives". As far as I know liberal means vile things like open-mindedness and the nasty willingness to embrace change for the purposes of improvement. Improvement and open-mindedness, the mere concepts make me sick.

The same thing appears to be going on now in the media with the word (get ready to run from your monitor), ENTITLEMENT..... Did the lights flicker over your head, or the thunder crash right near you when you read that NASTY word?

I'm going to say it now; when I work for someone I am ENTITLED to a paycheck. It is an ENTITLEMENT. There is that nasty word again. No one gave me anything, I worked and under the terms of that contract I am ENTITLED to get paid. Well, when taxes are pulled out of my check, some of those taxes go to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and unemployment insurance. Therefore, as I work I am paying some of the costs of those various programs.

I am ENTITLED to the benefits of those programs, as are all of us because as we work we make a deal with government that we paid into the system and when we retire because of age or infirmity we are guaranteed a social safety net to avoid poverty. The word ENTITLEMENT is being redefined as government giveaway.

I don't think anything is a giveaway, if I've already earned it in my paycheck. Please feel free to correct me...

I'm now going to watch " The Real L word "; I hear it has some real Liberals.


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