Friday, March 09, 2007

Has your love life made you want to go to the bathroom?

Last weekend, we were going to a party for my daughter Cassandra. One of my brothers in law threw a party as a combination housewarming/kids party. It is quite a house, and they know how to throw a party. Everyone of us were psyched for the upcoming events.
My daughter Cassie spilled a drink all over herself, as we were getting ready to leave. This caused us to be running late. Finally, we get going. Not surprisingly, there was a significant amount of traffic on I95 going down there. At one point, my wife Elizabeth responded to a bumper sticker she saw on one remarkably poorly driven car, saying " Jesus would cut you off, that's what he'd do.” Not surprisingly, that is exactly what she did.
We arrived at the party, already in full swing. There were about 10 toddlers and 25 adults. My brother-in-laws back yard is very large. It is also laid out to best accommodate children. Almost as if a team of 6 year olds came in and laid out the whole yard. It was a circus themed party. For the kids there was a clown, a magician and a cotton candy machine.
These were in addition to the permanent features in the yard. There is a beautiful deck for the adults, along with a great climbing tree, an arts and crafts area, and a slide/jungle gym combo for the kids. Suffice it to say, this place was decked out to be "the place" for the under 6 crowd. Everyone was enjoying himself or herself.
My daughter, Cassie was running around with some of the children, climbing around, painting, and sliding among other things. The things kids do to enjoy themselves. Well, after a bit of time, one of the mothers noted to Elizabeth and me that Max has taken a shine to Cassie. Elizabeth and I look for Cassie. There she is playing with a little boy, 18 months, who was hugging her, kissing her and being generally affectionate. As we are laughing amongst ourselves, we notice that everywhere she goes, Max follows. Can you believe that Max is already trying to get a girlfriend, and he's not even in a "big boy bed"? Does this mean that Cassie is robbing the cradle?
After the initial amusement factor wears off, my mind's eye starts to wander. If boys are already after her, what is her curfew going to be in nursery school? What exactly will I need to contend with when she gets to 1st grade? I might need that Valium drip sooner than high school if this keeps up.
Thankfully, everyone enjoyed the party. We say our goodbyes, and go home. Two days later, Cassie expresses to Elizabeth that she is ready to start potty training. This is welcome news for all of us. This however raises two questions. Does Cassie think that being potty trained will give her an edge in the toddler social scene? Or more likely, does she feel the need to get Max totally out of her system in the quickest fashion possible?



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