Sunday, May 06, 2007

Open Minds and Wrinkled Noses

Yesterday, we were all sitting at breakfast. I was eating a Spanish omelet, my wife, Elizabeth, was eating eggs over easy, and my daughter, Cassie, was eating her usual French toast with syrup. As Cassie started to put catsup on the French toast, I began to wonder what was wrong in the world that had brought us to this point. As you all can see our two year old is very open to new and truly disgusting things.

What exactly is the problem with catsup on pancakes? Cassie really likes pancakes. Whenever we go out for breakfast she seems very happy with pancakes and syrup. They are generally considered a treat, and a weekend specialty. Maple syrup, maybe bananas, or some sort of berry mixed in, the old fashioned flapjack, or the fancy restaurant style it makes no difference.

Catsup is also a big hit. As with many children, it is the condiment of choice for burgers, fries, and nuggets. Our niece was once asked what she wanted for lunch. She responded “catsup”. My mother thinking that the four year old might not have understood asked the question again asking what she wanted for a main course. Our niece made it perfectly clear that she did not care what type of food it was on catsup was the key to her happiness at this specific meal. I do not have a problem with either food item; it is the combination that bothers me.

A two year old might figure that it seems like a good idea, so lets try it. That appears to me to be a problem solved by experience. This is a problem of Cassie choosing style over substance. It sure seemed like a good idea. She really likes both catsup, and pancakes; therefore they probably go well together. I appreciate the open-mindedness; thankfully she wrinkled her nose at the actual taste combination.



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