Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let's Be Serious for a Minute

O.K., now that I've got your attention, can we please focus on issues for a minute. I’ve got problems with President Bush. Heck, everyone that knows me knows that. I don’t like his attitudes, or his policies. I don’t like the way that he talks, heck name it and I probably don’t like it about him. However, this picture is not what makes me think he is a tyrant.

I did not vote for Bush in either election, but something as absurd as a picture of him with a crown on had little to do with either vote. Does President Bush look silly with the crown on, sure, but that should not be the information that swayed your vote. His policy stances should have been the key. If you agreed with him, then you should have voted for him.

It pains me that silly photos played significant roles in two relatively recent elections. I am warning both candidates, please do not go windsurfing or riding in Abrams tanks for the next 6 months.

Please examine the stances of the candidates and then vote based on their policy choices, not a silly photo. Be wary of chain emails also. One I got said Bill Gates was testing a new email client and if I forwarded the email we would all get tickets to Disney World. I doubt most chain emails are much more reliable.



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