Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cowboy Diplomacy... Not Again

Senator McCain has gone on the record saying the Iraq-Pakistan border creates a hard situation. Above, there is a map of the Middle East. It is filled with numerous countries Senator McCain please note the location of Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan. In case you did not know this Senator McCain, Pakistan and Iraq are not neighbors.

For those of you that think I'm just making this up, here is the video where he shows his foreign policy prowess on Good Morning America.

I appreciate that Barack Obama might not be the most experienced, but he doesn't appear to brag about things he does not know. Senator McCain goes on and on about how knowledgeable and experienced he is, and then goes on national television with a mistake like this. There might be some readers who think it is only one letter. Well, Iraq and Iran fought a war for eight years, and have significant differences. It might be a slip of the tongue, but it along with a few other statements shows a lack of preparation or cognitive ability.

While Senator McCain was in the Middle East this year, he made some significant mistakes on the stump. On more than one occasion, Senator Lieberman whispered in his ear to correct one gaffe or another.Can the nation handle another four years of arrogance and 'cowboy diplomacy'?



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