Monday, November 10, 2008

Those Four Little Words

Most people have a few common experiences. One of these experiences is to think that they will do things differently than their parents did, in terms of raising children. In this way Elizabeth and I are no different. During childhood, most people conclude that they could parent better than they themselves were parented. Sorry, Mom, but I had always imagined that there were certain things you did, that I could do better.

When Cassie was a newborn, I was going to be the best parent. Does this sound familiar, anyone? I would run to the nearest Walgreen's for anything (diaper's, wipes, Boudreaux's, Mylicon, etc.). Whenever she had the slightest problem we were going to be on top of it. I continued thinking that I could parent better than I myself was parented.

Sorry Mom, but that is what I thought. As I look back it was obvious for all to see that I knew nothing of this parenting gig. We got help from both parents and got advice from everyone under the sun. As Cassie began to understand and communicate we told her what to do, and generally she complied, if necessary with assistance.

For instance, when bath time rolls around we have various strategies to either get Cassie into or out of said bath. Yes, I did say...or out of.... sometimes coercion is used, or bribery, or even some sort of reasoning/bargaining. These tools/tactics/strategies can be used for any number of different activities. These are all things that my parents at some point did with me.

Both Elizabeth and I have always tried to avoid, and still try to avoid, using brute force. This is still a good policy. Recently, however many of these tactics have stopped working. So I have now learned something in my parenting style, as anyone in my group should know. As was done with me, so shall I do to mine. If all else fails in parenting Cassie, I can break out those four little words... Because I Said So.



Blogger Denise said...

"Because I said so" were the only words my mother ever said to me from age 1 to her licking her finger to wipe dirt off my face that is.

10:25 AM  

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