Sunday, December 21, 2008

Daddy Daughter Time

Cassie remembers minute details of events that I would never even think about. Sometimes it is easier to focus on things as a youngster than it is as an adult. Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to take certain things for granted. Just recently, I asked my students to write a paper on who or what they are thankful for. On occasion I think it is important to try my own assignments, so here goes.
Ever since we moved in to our current house, I have gone to a nearby diner and picked up breakfast for the 2 or 3 of us. This is almost a weekly occurrence. In that time, I’ve come to know most of the staff at least by sight and a few by name. As she has grown Cassie has learned of this diner. She knows that if she wants breakfast on the weekend that this establishment is always a possibility.
Periodically, I try to give Elizabeth a break on the weekends. She does so much more than I do around the house normally, so on occasion I take our daughter, Cassie, to breakfast. This allows Elizabeth to stretch out or sleep in a bit while we are gone. Cassie has gotten to the age where this is really not that difficult. Not to mention that everyone seems to benefit.
Recently, Cassie has started asking to go to this restaurant with me, but without Elizabeth, more and more frequently. She looks forward to this as one of the highlights of her week. As many of you might agree the economic downturn has made employment more tenuous, even for schoolteachers such as myself. As the work situation has deteriorated, I’ve had to focus on the other parts of my life a bit more.
Recently Cassie and I were at the diner in question. We were sharing crayons and drawing in a coloring book as we waited for our breakfast. By the way, Cassie appears to stay in the lines better than I do. We had already said our hellos to various wait staff and were just talking about the nothings that pass as normal conversation in families with small children. As we sat there, I drinking my coffee, Cassie her apple juice, she looks under the table. I thought maybe a crayon had hit the floor. She looked up quizzically, and said: ‘Daddy there is gum under the table’. Thankfully, I didn’t think about this observation very long, I simply said: They are dirty don’t touch them. There are things you do not think about going through life, Gum under tables fits in that category.
Every so often I go to sporting events, like Heat games or Dolphin games. These events are much more glamorous. In the long run however, weekend breakfast with my daughter is a much better event. I’m a middle-aged dad there are worse things. I’ve often wondered how to tell grownups from children, maybe I’ve stumbled upon one of the indicators.
I’m very lucky to have a wonderful wife and daughter. Elizabeth is able to keep me together enough to get me where I need to be. Without her I would probably lose my head. She handles many of the household responsibilities that I wouldn’t know how to do at all. She also takes care of Cassie much of time. Because of this, I feel she needs a bit of down time on occasion during the weekend. Not to mention, she allows me to disappear for sporting events periodically.

Don’t tell Elizabeth, but I kind of like those weekend meals as much as my daughter. As we left, Cassie told me to finish my breakfast.



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